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Difference between Hazers, Fazers and Fog Machines:

All the things you want to know about the diference between hazers, fazers and Fog Machines

Hazer: Creates a very fine mist.

No heater.  Uses an air compressor to create a very fine mist that hangs in the air and allows the light beams to be seen in the air. 
Uses a special hazer liquid. 
This is usually mineral oil based (not glycol). 
It is NOT the same as fog liquid. 
A hazer can't use fog liquid.  It must use hazer liquid

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Fazer: Creates a haze, slightly thicker than a hazer

This machine is a hybrid between a fog machine and a hazer. 

It uses a heater and a pump (like a fog machine) but does not need an air compressor (like a hazer). 

It uses a fan to disperse fog creating a haze effect. 

The machine does not use oil-based hazer liquid. 

It only needs to use regular fog liquid (water and glycol). 

It cannot use hazer liquid. 

IT does not have an air compressor so it is quieter than most air compressors.

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Fog Machine: Creates dense smoke.

Heater and pump. 

No air compressor. 

Creates thick, white fog that rapidly fills an area. 

Dissipates gradually, about 30 minutes in a room with regular ventilation. 

Uses fog liquid. 

High quality fog liquid uses glycol (PG, TG or DPG food grade glycol) and distilled water. 

Some liquids also add food grade glycerine. 

These formulas are safe and have been tested. 

If using fog liquids that use other chemicals, request supporting safety documents. 

Fog machines cannot use hazer liquid.

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Antari Machines

The X Series is our professional line of fog machines (and 1 Fazer; X-310).  We have worked with lighting engineers, stage managers and other entertainment professionals to create fog machines that meet all of their needs.  These machines have a number of exceptional components and advanced features that separate them from all other fog machines available.  These include aluminum cast heaters, customized Italian pumps for silent operation, low fluid indicators, interchangeable control modules, a high efficiency vaporizing system, circuitry that is protected from external power interference, as well as wireless, DMX and timer control options.  These machines represent the culmination of 18 years of fog machine design and manufacturing and have been very well received by the entertainment community.


The Z Series represents our middle range line of machines.  These units have a number exceptional features which make it an ideal consideration for many entertainment applications.  Features for different units include on-board DMX inputs, LCD full function remotes, attractive case color and design.  The Z Series is designed for a wide cross-section of end users.  The F-80Z is perfect for mobile DJ's all the way up to the Z-3000 which combines all of the advanced features in the line into one machine and is designed for the lighting or club installation professional.




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