Moving Heads
Contest Beam 4x10QC 4 x 10W RGBW LED QC Beam 6° Artikuls: 22260
Fixed Effect dedicated to animation and decoration multibeam the BEAM-4x10QC offers independent or simultaneous monitoring of its four beams.

Whether on the ground or suspended, the BEAM-4x10QC allows adjustment of the beam angle and is DMX control with EASY-2, or through its internal programs synced to tempo.

Light sources

4 LEDs 10W trichromatic - 50,000 pm (estimated)
Opening of 6 ° (individual lenses)
Low temperature, low power consumption, can operate for several hours without interruption


Adjusting the color of each LED or the
Chaser set color of each LED or all presets
colors of each LED or set
Automatic mode with sound sensitivity
Mixing general color LED or LED


Strobe effect
Variable speed or pulse
flash on its variable electronic dimmer 0-100%


Standard DMX-512
1 to 18 DMX channels
Easy control (Compatible EASY-2)
Shows internal tempo-synced (internal microphone)
Simplified control of several units mode Master / Slave
Display to drop down to the summons and desdifférents selection modes

Other Features

Quick mounting bracket with quarter-turn hook Omega
Consumption: 45W max.
Power Supply: AC 100/230 - 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 380x165x80mm
Net Weight: 2.7 Kg