Lamps, LED
Lite Gear LED PAR 30 - 7W - WW / 30 (CREE) Artikuls: 20904 30
LED Bulb - PAR30
LiteGear LED bulbs are able to replace conventional electrical bulbs. They are very energy friendliy and can save up to 90% of energy costs.  By the low power consumption and the high life expectancy from up to 50.000h it concerns a "Green Energy technology" product. Big heatsinks guarantee a low temperature on the LED Chip and have an excellent airstream for convectional cooling. Litegear LED bulbs are available in different beamangles, shapes and sockets and in up to 3 different colour temperatures from 2700 to 8000 Kelvin: cw: cool white, nw: neutral white, ww: warm white available. Due to it´s extended lifespan you will save on maintenance cost as well. Our LED bulbs are available from 1 Watt up to 27 Watt.
Litegear LED bulbs are developed in Germany and are manufactured under stady testing and in line with the European regulations. Our LED sources are RoHs complient and full recycle able. Litegear: "Light up your dreams and save the environment".