Dimmers & Power Distributors
Briteq Power Distributor PD-32A 3 x 32A German Artikuls: 60500
Briteq Power Distributor PD-32A 3 x 32A German
  • This 3-phase power distributor is designed to improve safety in both mobile, rental and fixed installations.
  • Designed and build to the highest European and international safety standards.
  • The 30mA, 4pole residual current circuit breaker prevents electrical shocks
  • Oversized internal wiring for increased reliability!
  • Accurate digital 3-digit voltmeters per phase
  • Accurate digital 3-digit ampere meters per phase
  • Two C16 (16A - 1P+N) automatic circuit breakers per phase
  • 1,5m long mains input cable (3x 32A, 5wire), equipped with CEE (3P+N+E) 32A inlet plug
  • CEE (3P+N+E) outlet socket (3x 32A, 5wire) for bypass
  • 6x earthed 16A mains outlet sockets on the back panel (2 sockets per phase)
  • 3 different models available:
    - PD-32A/FR: French/Belgian 16A blue mains sockets
    - PD-32A/GE: German 16A blue schukos (CEE 7/4)
    - PD-32A/SA: South African 16A blue mains sockets
  • Extremely robust 19"/3U metal housing
  • 380V–400V / 50Hz, 3phase, 5wire (3P+N+E)