Moving Heads
Contest EVORA-DUOB2R Double Beam MSD Platinum 2R Lamp (2) Artikuls: 22268
2R dual beam moving head in constant rotation 

A beam moving head in constant rotation The EVORA-DUOB2R was born from the union of the beam technology and a complex animation effect. We chose the PHILIPS MSD PLATINUM 2R lamps to fuel the dual moving heads and produce ultra-powerful beams. 

We entirely redesigned the previous technology so the PAN and TILT movements have no limits. You can create countless movements, your imagination is the only limit. 

Last but not least, this moving head features 3 and 8-facet prisms, gobo wheels, and colour wheels. Shape the beam, invent new movements. Show people what you can do.
  • Supplied with 2 Philips© MSD PLATINUM 2R lamps
  • Unlimited PAN and TILT rotation
  • 3 and 8-facet rotating prisms
  • Dual moving heads

Light source
  • 2 Philips© MSD PLATINUM 2R Lamps - 8000°K
  • Lifespan limited to 6000 hours for safety reasons
  • Power consumption: 135W
Colours, Gobos and Effects (for each projector)
  • 1 colour wheel with 13 dichroic colours and rainbow effect
  • 1 gobo wheel with 14 fixed gobos and gobo shake effect
  • 3 and 8-facet rotating prisms with 16 macros
  • 1 -13 flashes per second strobe and random strobe
  • Adjustable dimmer: 0-100%
  • Standard DMX-512
  • 21, 24 or 28 DMX channels (3 modes : Basic, Standard of Expert)
  • Assignable patch to every channel
  • 7 built-in programs accessible from the DMX
  • Built-in musical programs
  • Automatic detection of the DMX, slave or master mode
  • Colour LCD drop-down menu to choose and assign the different modes
  • Battery-operated memory system to address and choose modes without the 230V power supply
  • Compatible with RDM for console feedbacks 
  • 8 or 16 bits Pan and Tilt resolutions
  • Ranges: Pan 540 or 630° - Tilt 265°
  • Non stop Pan and Tilt rotation
  • Beamwidth: 4°
  • Light output: 50460 LUX at 10m
Additional characteristics
  • Power consumption: 400W max.
  • Power supply: AC 100/240V - 50/60Hz
  • Net weight: 20 Kg
Package contents
  • Evora-DUOB2R moving head and its lamps
  • User guide
  • Bracket with quick lock system  
  • 1 safety chain
  • 1 DMX cable
  • 1x2-pole + earth power cord / Powercon® socket