Osram PAR 56 240V 300W NSP Artikuls: 20704

Whether it’s a pop concert, ballet or play, live acts depend on lighting effects and impressive staging.

The new OSRAM aluPARTM now offers much easier handling for these applications. Instead of the glass reflector of its predecessors, the new aluPARTM lamp has a much lighter aluminium reflector. This has reduced

the weight of the lamp by 66 %. Its compact design and low weight also reduce storage and transport costs.

The new lamp concept has a modular design. The lightweight aluminium parabolic reflector and the front plate are mechanically linked. Halogen technology and a compact filament provide optimum brightness. The high-precision reflector contour and its accurate alignment to the lamp make the aluPARTM up to 10 % brighter than its predecessors. All in all, the new aluPARTM with its aluminium reflector offers the best possible solution for efficient and creative lighting.


Application                                             Narrow Spot

Mains voltage                                        230 V

Rated wattage                                      300W

Luminous intensity                              70,000 cd

Beam angle                                           8°/9°

Average life                                            2000 h

Burning position                                   any

Diameter d                                             177mm

Max. length l                                           113mm

Base                                                        GX16d

Weight                                                     368 g


The benefits at a glance:

• 66 % lower weight for easier handling

• Up to 10 % brighter

• Full compatibility with the market standard

• Increased safety thanks to the integrated patented lamp fuse (meets DIN IEC 60432-2)

• Easy disassembly into components allows for environmentally friendly waste disposal