Signal XLR Cables
RF 311 C114 Black w/NC-3-FX/NC-3-MX 1,0mtr. Artikuls: 07424

Neutrik XLR Connector Features & Benefits

  • Male connector with improved locking recess without "window", more stringent housing increases durability
  • Improved chuck type strain relief provides higher pull-out force and makes assembly easier and faster
  • Boot with polyurethane gland gives high protection to cable bending stresses
  • Colored rings and boots available for coding or identification
  • Sleek and ergonomic design - valuable and handy
  • Rugged zinc diecast shell, longlasting and dependable
  • Internal thread on shell is well proteced against any damage.
Tasker C114

Special balanced microphone spiral shielded O.F.C. cable, 100% shielded in red copper
Conductors in red copper. Flexible low capacity microphone for sound reproduction, suitable for the realization of audio assembly.

Length: 1 m