Sylvania Hi-Spot 63 , 50W 25° Flood Artikuls: 20745

Hi-Spot® 63 mains voltage halogen lamps with E27 cap are completely interchangeable with R63 incandescent reflector lamps. Upgrading to beautiful halogen light could not be quicker or easier.



• Halogen light without the need for a transformer

• Unique, patented, computer designed spiral facetted aluminised reflector

• Wattage 50W

• Beam angles 10° and 25°

• Excellent colour rendering

• Up to 2.5 times the life of incandescent lamp

• Can be dimmed using standard dimmer switches

• The use of UV-Stop materials dramatically reduces UV emissions

• Average rated life: 2500 hours


• For use in mains voltage ES/E27 cap downlights, spotlights and luminaires

• For precision or decorative lighting in retail, commercial and domestic applications

• Suitable for outdoor use when protected from direct contact with water


Item description


Watt                                                         50

Volt                                                           230

Cap                                                           E27

Dimensions (mm)

L                                                                 88

D                                                                 65

Beam angle                                             25°

Colour temp.                                            2900

Luminous intensity                                1000cd

Average life                                              2500h