Table Top CD/USB/MP3 Players
Audiophony CDX4 Pro USB, MP3, CD Player Article number: 16004
Taking advantage of the technology the CDX6 now offers an incredible range of tools. The new processor gives you access to tempo-synced effects, all controlled by a new ultra-precise touch jog wheel. Hot Cue, Master Tone, Pitch adjustable up to 100% and digital output are also part this device. But the heart is its firmware. The internal software that allows you to provide a loop system at the same time very complete and easy to use, fully synchronized with tempo effects, impressive responsiveness in all functions and rapid access to your files from CD as well as USB.

Audiophony CDX4 Pro USB, MP3, CD Player
  • Mass Storage USB drive to a USB key or hard drive
  • Frontloader slot in compatible audio CD or mp3
  • ID3 TAG: identification of titles and artists
  • Folder: for navigating directory trees
  • New DSP effects with Scratch, Flanger, Filter, Echo, Reverse and adjustable level setting.
  • SMART LOOP: Loop adjustable in length to the tempo
  • Auto loop adjustable in length to the tempo.
  • Adjustable Pitch 8/16/100% for mp3 and audio
  • Master Tone: to keep the tone even by varying the pitch
  • AVM: Anti Vibration Memory shockproof memory 15 seconds
  • Auto-Cue and programming the playback order of songs
  • Touch Multifunction Turntable
  • LCD easy to read blue
  • Analogue and digital outputs
  • Connections Xstart, Relay
  • Dimensions: 220 x 315 x 100 mm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg