High Power Projectors
Contest irLED64-18x12SIXss 18x12W RGBWA+UV + IR Silver Article number: 21115
Six color LED PAR
Phenomenal power, incredible colors

256,000 billion colors

With the new SIX diode is an almost infinite palette of colors that is offered to you. In addition to mixing Red / Green / Blue, White brings a boost in brightness, amber warmth in the low end and UV access to all phosphorescent colors.

And thanks to the system of individual lens, the mixture is smooth, without colored shade for a striking result.

The UV real value

When used alone or with a little color, Ultraviolet highlights the white and makes phosphorescent. Once it is added to a stronger color, it increases the contrast, hue and provides a range of exclusive colors.

Take Control

The irLED64-18x12SIX offers numerous modes and adapts well to all types of service.
DMX In its charter shall be adaptable for 2 to 9 channels. In Auto, you have access to many macros with variable speed.

You can even create your own program and adjust it to the speed you want.
And of course, the whole is fully controllable from the infrared remote control.

Designed for the user

The irLED64-18x12SIX has input / output power to a cascade connection of up to 10 projectors.
Different functionality is controlled via large screen at the back of the projector or via remote control.