Sylvania Hi Spot Superia ES50, 50W 25° Flood Artikuls: 20749
Another, highly successful, innovation from Sylvania, Hi-Spot®® ESD50 Superia/Hi-Spot® ES50 mains voltage halogen lamps with GZ10/GU10 cap, can be used in many applications and offer new, cost effective possibilities for fixture designs and lighting solutions. Superia ESD50/ES50 has the same diameter as a 12V MR16 lamp but, due to its revolutionary design, operates straight from the mains without the need for a transformer or special wiring. The dichroic finish of the reflector allows heat to go through the back of the lamp resulting in a cool light beam. With the unique long life filament Hi-Spot® ESD50 Superia/Hi-Spot® ES50 have an extreme long life of 4000 hours.