Sylvania Hi-Spot 95 , 75W 10° Spot Artikuls: 20746

Hi-Spot® 95 mains voltage halogen lamps with E27 cap and aluminium reflector are interchangeable with R95 incandescent reflector lamps. Upgrading to beautiful halogen light could not be quicker or easier. Also available Hi-Spot® 95 Dichroic.



• Halogen light without the need for a transformer

• Unique, patented, computer designed spiral facetted aluminised reflector

• Wattages 75W and 100W

• Beam angles 10° and 30°

• Excellent colour rendering

• Can be dimmed using standard dimmer switches

• The use of UV-Stop materials dramatically reduces UV emissions

• Average rated life: 3000 hours



• For use in mains voltage ES/E27 cap downlights, spotlights and luminaires

• For precision or decorative lighting in retail, commercial and domestic


• Use dichroic lamps for lighting food, textiles and other objects sensitive to heat

• Suitable for outdoor use when protected from direct contact with water



• Dichroic lamps must only be used in fixtures that are designed for use withCool Beam lamps and which will dissipate the heat radiated from the back of the lamp

• Do not exceed the maximum power rating stated on the fixture


Item description

Watt                                                      75

Volt                                                         240

Cap                                                         E27

Dimensions (mm)

L                                                               91

D                                                               97

Beam angle                                           10°

Colour temp.                                          2900

Luminous intensity                              6900 cd

Average life                                            3000h