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Audiophony DJazz Pro Midi Controller Article number: 16002
Put DJAZZ in your mix
The DJAZZ is a complete DJ controller to mix music on your Mac or PC playing with loops, samples, effects, etc ... Versatile, easy to access and unlimited possibilities the DJAZZ offers the very best in DJ controller, whether you are beginner or a professional. Compatibility with most major software, its universal connectivity general public or professional, comprehensive and its software are fully integrated in a tool really centered around the pleasure of playing with music.

Comprehensive offer
more than just a controller, DJAZZ integrates a real professional sound card with multiple inputs and outputs, with all the connections you need for your headphones, speakers, microphone, or your turntables or CD Extra. Comes with incontrovertible Virtual DJ Limited Edition, Mac and PC, DJAZZ you can enjoy immediate access to your library of music and videos. There is the USB cable to connect and install the software suite to boot.

Comfort foremost

Forget your keyboard and mouse, DJAZZ offers enough controllers for managing your software and more advanced features. Feel the same sensations with traditional equipment, ergonomics, simplicity and more opportunities. Everything is at hand to make your mix. You get direct access to almost all the functions of your software: Automatic synchronization, management effects and samples, cue points and modification Hot Cue. Play like never before with loops by changing their position and time in real time, all supported by a powerful software for maximum fluidity. And since nothing would be possible without a real finish quality controls, DJAZZ offers you the best in terms of buttons, faders and crossfader *. * Read our complete explanation of the possibilities of Djazz and its controls in the Features section.

Whether at the sound quality, responsiveness or touch, DJAZZ offers the best components and electronic circuits most successful to provide the best sound reproduction, and the best experience possible. Multi-sound card DirectX compatible output, ASIO and Core Audio allows use without perceptible latency * or need additional hardware for a striking result musicality and precision of your speakers as headphones. * Read our complete explanation management and latency of different drivers in the Features section.

Scalable and universal
The DJAZZ offers full compatibility with MIDI and therefore with the majority of software dedicated to DJing. In addition to the certification VirtualDJ, allowing recognition of native controller with Virtual DJ Pro, we offer two complete mappings for Traktor, version 2 or 4 decks, so you can enjoy your favorite program immediately. 

And since some software DJ propose, the DJAZZ is compatible with the functions "timecode / DVS" * and "FX-Thru" *, allowing you to use your CD or vinyl decks directly connected to the controller for comfort and precision even more advanced. * Timecode functions, DVS and FX-Thru are detailed and explained in the Features section.

Controller MIDI compatible DJ software (Mac OS X and Windows)

  • native MIDI compatibility (without driver) 
  • Standard USB MIDI input / output 
  • 6 on endless encoders with push button 
  • 16 encoders with direct management jumps value 
  • 54 buttons management with LEDs via MIDI input 
  • 6 flexible buttons with LEDs by management MIDI input 
  • 4 faders encoders with direct management breaks values 
  • 1 detachable and adjustable crossfader (encoders direct) with jumps management values 
  • 2 jogwheels (encoders related / direct) resolution with adjustable sensitivity 
  • one central display 20 LEDs 
  • 2 buttons Shift to double MIDI mappings

Complete audio interface

  • Supports native Windows (WDM) without driver 
  • Compatible with Windows via ASIO drivers (multitrack) 
  • Compatible with Mac OS X native (Core Audio) without driver 
  • Driver supplied dedicated ASIO 
  • 1 input stereo line / phono RCA compatible CD / Timecode Vinyls 
  • 1 input stereo line / phono RCA management with input gain Thru mode, compatible CD / 

Timecode Vinyls 

  • 1 stereo Aux input mini-jack with input gain management and Thru Mode 
  • 1 Mic in jack 6.35 
  • Section helmet complete: 
  • Output mini-jack 3.5 
  • 6.35 out jack 
  • Adjustable volume knob 
  • Adjusting dosage CUE / MIX knob 
  • balanced output jack on 6.35 
  • RCA unbalanced Output 
  • Output REC through the port USB 
  • A / D Conversion: 24-bit - 96 kHz 
  • Frequency output: 16-bit 44.1/48 kHz

Other features

  • Power: 5V 500mA USB 
  • External power supply optional: 6V 2.0A 
  • Dimensions: 410 x 297 x 65 mm 
  • Weight: 2.9 kg 
  • Supplied with Virtual DJ Le, ASIO, and mapping for Virtual DJ Pro and Traktor Pro