Midi Controllers
Audiophony DJinn Pro Midi Controller Article number: 16000
Take control

USB Hard Drives, DJ software, external CD decks or vinyl. Djinn Pro is at the center of your control and eliminates boundaries Mix. Without a computer, it is a hard disk drive with USB effects synchronized loop system and advanced Hotcue, offering total control of your music files. Once connected, the function adds MIDI controller, compatible with most software on the market, and in addition comes with Virtual DJ Le. Scalable and well thought out, you can even plug your analog sources and enjoy the complete mixer.

Real autonomous system

Although open to computer technology, the Pro Djinn stands foremost as an autonomous platform, offering all the modern tools of the mix without a computer. Tempo synced effects and customizable at will, automatic or manual adjustable buckles at will, scratch, kills frequencies and selectable crossfader curve. A simple USB key or hard drive containing your music enough to enjoy all the possibilities offered by the Djinn Pro. In addition, the integrated mixer allows you to connect two additional sources such as CD players or turntables.

Complete MIDI controller

With 3 modes of operation, you choose the dose computer that you want to include in your mix. The simple control decks to complete management of all software, the Djinn Pro can become formidable MIDI controller, without forgetting to integrate your analog or digital external sources. Management loops, effects, Hotcues or automatic synchronization of tracks, the Djinn Pro offers a whole range of controllers and buttons perfectly suited to most DJ software. Comes with the Virtual DJ Limited Edition essential, Mac and PC compatible, the Djinn Pro allows you to immediately enjoy your music library computer and videos. * Read our complete explanation of the possibilities of Djinn Pro and its controls in the Features section


Whether at the sound quality, responsiveness or touch the Djinn Pro offers the best components and electronic circuits most successful to provide the best sound reproduction, and the best experience possible mode as autonomous controller. Multi-sound card DirectX compatible output, ASIO and Core Audio allows use without perceptible latency * or need additional hardware for a striking result musicality and precision of your speakers as headphones.

* Read our complete explanation of the management of latency and various drivers in the Features section

Scalable and Universal

Djinn Pro offers compatibility with MIDI and therefore with the majority of software dedicated to DJing. In addition to the certification VirtualDJ, allowing recognition of native controller with Virtual DJ Pro, we offer three complete mappings for Traktor, version 2 or 4 decks, so you can enjoy your favorite program immediately. With two microphone inputs and two line inputs can be used simultaneously, two separate outputs, XLR or RCA, the Djinn Pro fits all configurations, professional or amateur, and offers the most advanced solution on the market.


Two independent readers running on USB device

  • 2 USB ports accessed simultaneously by both players 
  • 4 effects tempo-sync mode USB Memory • 4 Hot Cue function with Loop 
  • loop system with advanced real-time adjustments 
  • Full control with turntable Touch 
  • Jog 3 modes: Vinyl, Cue and Scratch Classic 
  • Automatic or manual BPM 
  • Pitch variable: + / - 6%, 10%, 16% or 100% Pitch Bend function • Master Tone (with variation of pitch tone fixed)
  • Widescreen with VFD 
  • Search System mp3s in trees

Controller MIDI compatible DJ software (MacOS and Windows)

  • All MIDI compatible keys (players and mixer) 
  • Total Independence of two players and mixer section 
  • Simultaneous use of USB, MIDI and analog system • USB Midi / Audio with minimum latency independent analog 
  • Master 
  • Headphone assignable with independent settings (volume and CueMix)
  • A numerical / full analog multitrack ASIO sound card • with balanced output 
  • 2-channel Mixer with source selection (PC, Line or Phono) 
  • 2 line / phono analog 
  • 2 Mic inputs with independent volume, tone and MIC OVER 
  • Gain and 3-band EQ per channel 
  • Kill total on each frequency band 
  • Double LED VU meter with Cue or Master 
  • Relay Function (chaining a USB drive to the other end of the song / album) 
  • Two outputs with independent volume (Master and Booth) 
  • Starting playback fader (compatible Cue X-fader) 
  • 3 modes Xcurve for adjusting the stroke of the cross fader 
  • Headphone output with volume control and Cue Mix

Other features

  • Kensington Security System 
  • Power: AC 100-240V ~ 60/50Hz 
  • Dimensions: 420 x 298.8 x 89 mm 
  • mount kit • 19 inches (EQ-square Djinn optional) 
  • Weight: 4.42 Kg