High Power Projectors
Contest irLEDFLAT-1x30TCb 1x30W TriLED COB 25°/80° Article number: 21114

Take Control

The irLEDFLAT1x30TC has a wide range of modes and DMX channels from 2 to 6, many color combos, auto mode with sound sensitivity and a brand new user mode giving you the ability to create your own program and adjust it to the desired speed.

In position

In addition to its dual removable adjustable lyre, the irLEDFLAT-1x30TC is equipped with non-slip feet for a save space in your benefits.


1 LED RGB three colors
LED COB 30W - 30 000 hours
Beamwidth: 25 ° or 80 °
Light intensity: 410 Lux at 3 m
25 ° lens beam concentration to reduce the opening and give more range in light while maintaining good color distribution
Digital display with drop down menu to control
Input and output sector IEC plugs
Operating modes: - 2-6 DMX channels - Fixed Colors - Step Programs or Fade adjustable speed - Auto Mode - Auto Mode with sound sensitivity - Slave Mode (Slave) - Edit and reading a free 20-step program ^
Consumption: 45 W
Power: AC 100/240 V - 50/60 Hz
Input and DMX output
Double suspension yoke
Dimensions: 208 x 221 x 120 mm
Net Weight: 2.1 kg