High Power Projectors
JB LED PAR 56 Black - 156 HP LEDS - angle 15° Article number: 21020

Stylish RGB PAR56 LED-projector containing 156 high-power 5mm LEDs (50 red + 53 green + 53 blue)

  • High quality “Hewlett Packard® / Agilent® ” LED technology: >100.000 hours!
  • Beam angle = 37°
  • Many applications possible: Discotheques, DJs, exhibition booths, homes, ...
  • Very smooth RGB color changes thanks to 400Hz high freq. dimming electronics
  • Different working modes:
    - Completely standalone: automatic or beat synchronized color changes (optional CA-8 controller possible)
    - Master/slave mode: up to 16 units can be used together for wonderful preprogrammed, music synchronized lightshows. (optional CA-8 controller possible)
  • DMX-controlled (4channels: R, G, B + Dimmer/strobe/sound chase) by any standard DMX-controller.
  • Used with LEDCON 01 remote control
  • Different ways to set DMX start address:
    - Remote DMX addressing using any standard DMX-controller (several units can be set to the same address)
    - In master/slave mode you can address all units just by pushing 1 button
    - Traditional DMX-setting by DIP-switches
  • Can be fixed to any surface, can also be fixed in ALU-truss using a standard clamp.