Osram Halogeen 64516 230V 300W GX6,35 Article number: 02726

Reliability is such an important factor in packed nightclubs or during lengthy photo-shoots under studio lights. For many years, mains voltage halogen lamps from OSRAM have been setting the pace. Thanks to new, patented quartz pinch technology, the filament is now held directly in the bulb by quartz pinch points so it is better protected against shock and vibration. Discarding the conventional filament holder improves the quality of the lamp and therefore allows for an increase in efficiency. This provides up to 10 % more brightness. The technological advance is particularly useful for flash lamps, professional photographic and video lights, scan lights and effect lighting units. Slide projectors and epidiascopes will also benefit from greater brightness and longer life.


The benefits at a glance:

  • Brighter: up to 10 % more light
  • Tougher: particularly stable lamp design
  • Safer: protection against non-passive failure thanks to integrated fuse.
  • More reliable: higher quality thanks to fewer components