Bubble Machines
Universal Effects Power 350 JET-Bubbles Head Article number: 30043

Who has never dreamt of a fairytale world where thousands of bubbles float before your eyes? Thanks to the JET-BUBBLE MACHINE, produce of huge quantities of bubbles, both small and large… surround yourself with bubbles and combine poetry with technical performance. This new concept enables the largescale creation of a true bubble spectacular.

Technical Specificatons:

  • Diameter 45x37cm.
  • Height 42cm.
  • Weight 6.8Kg.
  • 230V - 50Hz, 20W EC Standard


  • XT-Power Bubbles Fluid RTU (ready to use)
  • XT-Power Bubbles Fluid CC (Mix with 50% water)
  • On BASE K-350 projection of a bubble stream from 6 to 8m.
  • On BASE ST/XT 350 projection of a bubble stream from 8 to 10m.
  • The head is equiped with a electric variator for the base